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Cristina Orozco Cuevas, award - winning independent studio based in Mexico City. With 15 years of expertise behind us developing textiles for markets such as contract, hospitality, home decor, bedding, upholstery, kitchen goods and others.

The studio specializes and focuses mainly in patterns + surface design such as woven (dobby, jacquard) and prints (traditional and digital) working for the industry, retailers and resellers with clients in Mexico, USA, Canada, China, India and Netherlands.

Our portfolio has around 3,000 original patterns. Our trademark is ¨color¨ and our style can be defined as chamaleonic, being able to adapt to clients needs, projects and trends. We create from ZERO.

The studio better considerer an experimental laboratory pursues the objectives of exploring, experimenting & evolving by the creation of a textile network. This implies all aspects of designing from head to toes.

Woven (jacquard + dobby)

We develop woven designs and work directly with factories. We are one of the few studios with the technical knowledge and 15 years of expertise developing fabrics, yarn counts, densities and the diverse use of techniques such as double fabric or extra wefts.


We offer services from design, color separation and management for screen, rotatory and digital prints.

Textil Art

We work with different techniques such as string art, knitting, sewing, illustration, crochet, shibori, tie dye and other high couture techniques. Some projects have been comissioned or custom-made for museums and other special projects.

Collaborations + Team Ups

We make team with other studios and architectural firms developing special textiles, installations and special projects for interior decor in restaurants, bars and hotels.


We have a house line of products for home decor, fashion, kitchen and pets that pursues technologic, ecologic or ideas with innovation as main concepts, always looking to design something “out of the box”. We also do partnerships and collaborations with brands to develop seasonal, unique and cool stuff.


Our work has been exhibited in Mexico, Canada, Spain, Italy, Austria and Germany.

Trend + Book Publications

Some of the studio´s work has been published in media and printed books of pattern design and design trends.