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Surface Design is one of the sections of studio. It focuses on developing ideas & concepts for the textile industry, retailers and jobbers

When customers come to us they meet creativity, because we won't repeat any formula and every design is unique, our personal brand is being chamaleonic.

The design process can be done in many different ways, because it always keeps changing according to client needs, a brief our own proposals to customers and infinite ways to create the best and more accurate surface design for each market (contract, hospitality, carpets, towels, furniture, kitchen, home decor, high end, automotive, fashion accesories, etc.)

Also an important process in our work is deep research and one our of main values is that we practice ethical design.

I like to create things can add some value to brands: something desiderable, valuable and accesible. I am not going to download something fom the web libraries, mix it or make some changes and present it to my client as mine.

We look for inspiration from other areas as industrial design, architecture, nature, cinema, art, music and just waking randomly in the street.

Every design might change when it comes to bring new ideas into the process, working with different methodologies bring new ways to create diverse finishes and textures.

Surface design at the studio begins with a white canvas on paper or computer through different techniques (digital + traditional) like charcoal, paper sketches, dyeing, stitching, watercolor, cutouts, photograph, etc. We work with different CAD softwares specialized on textile design . We get envolved in every aspect, from color dyeing of threads till client presentations with product demo.

The studio specializes on prints (screen, rotative, sublimation, digital), jacquard (electronic in different thread counts) & dobby weave. Also hand made techniques such as natural dyes, crochet, embroidery and sewing.

Working by 3 different ways: comissions. royalties & one -off exclusive license but we are open- minded about other ways to work too.

At the studio we have developed so many designs throught years for different markets and targets that expertise and devotion are our biggest strenghts.